Friday, 18 May 2012

new beginnings

This month marks the end of a season and the beginning of a new one for me.  This is the month that my role as PWOC president has come to an end.  It is rather bitter sweet.  At our last PWOC Wednesday during praise and worship God showed me a wonderful display of where I started this term and where I have ended.  I do believe that the main area of my life that God has grown / changed me is motherhood.  during that display I saw that my patience has grown, my volume has lowered, my love has blossomed, my fear has subsided, my faith has been grounded, my mind has been focused, my marriage has been strengthened, my heart has been changed, my being has been transformed.  now I am not at all saying that I did this on my own because that is just silly, I was open and begging for change.  I cant count how many nights I cried in my bed.  or how many days were filled with tears and frustration.  but I can say for 100% certainty that God slowly began a good work and the best part is that its NOT done!  I am excited about this new beginning.  being able to focus all of my attention on my family.  we have all grown and changed through this year, and I am so excited to see where God takes us from here.  

My girls and I at a mothers day tea at the base chapel! 

Update on our food adventure:
we successfully made it through our first month of whole/ organic eating.  We have met with some opposition  to anything GREEN...  but once A tries it she usually enjoys it.  its just a matter of getting her tr actually try it!  the food has been yummy and we have only has 1 dud so I would say thats pretty awesome!  it has been made 100%  clear that Dye is a HUGE offender for A.  she can have chocolate and be fine but give her m&ms and she is a whole different child...  I know I personally went through a crazy Detox period for about 3 weeks but now I feel great!  and the month of meals in my freezer helped me stay on track and not go for a less healthy option...  its been so nice!  dinner time has been MUCH easier!