Thursday, 27 June 2013

roller coaster week


Our week in a nutshell...  its been ROUGH!  

Monday – find out it’s a boy!

Tuesday- got to the airport all was well

Got on flight to Germany and all went well

Got off flight in Chicago- plane landed late – Bailey exploded a diaper resulting in a trashed stroller and a trashed pair of pants- security threw a fit about passports and chapstick in pockets and water in a sippy cup- mommy melted down- ran to catch next (eddie barefoot/ me sobbing the whole way) –flight was delayed- thankfully-

Got off the flight in Dallas- hotel was NOT listed at any courtesy phone area and no # available on the reservation form- called a different hotel (from courtesy phone)  to get the # for the hotel we needed-  no American change for pay phones and no working American cell- slight wifi connection to use magic jack app to make a VERY choppy call that was frustrating on both ends- wait 30 minutes for the shuttle-

Got to hotel-  even though I booked a double queen room we were given a single king room- made pallets for girls and passed out at 2 am- gave the girls a bath in the morning and the bath tub leaked through the wall…  YES through the wall-

Eddie left to get rental car- shuttle to the airport and another shuttle to the rental car place- after arriving he was informed that he could NOT get the car since it was in my name and since we “could be estranged” he could be stealing something from me- (good thought in theory, but in this particular situation it was not so awesome) – so 2 hours later eddie comes back to the room carless- mommy melts down-

Got the rental car and all goes well-

Got to walmart and meet an amazingly helpful and wonderful woman named Dee- got a phone and all was well-

Got to Eddies parents home and all was well-

Got to Elishas house – Eddie and I get sick much be something we ate along the way.  Thankfully Ash was ok but B has been exploding diapers since Chicago. 

Woke up saw the clock, thought my sister in law was late for an apt (clock said 9:05 and the apt was at 8:30)  so I woke her up only to find out it was only 6:30 in the morning- saw tech results the second they came out and frantically woke eddie up from a deep sleep- after the shock wore off he was pumped- got a phone call from usaa stating that someone tried to use our credit card 9 times to make a $1800 purchase from a random coffee company-  (who needs that much coffee EVER?!?!)  

This week has been amazing and frustrating.  it has been VERY UP and VERY DOWN.  All in all, I am thankful, for so much.  Thankful that we made it to Texas in 1 piece, thankful that we are having a baby boy! and thankful for our sweet little ladies who really are amazing travelers!  Thankful that My hubby made Tech! Thankful that USAA doesn't sleep on the job, and they don't hold us accountable for crooks. Thankful that our sickness didn't last long, and that we are all mended up this morning.  I am thankful that we have family soooo  excited to see us and the girls.  This will be an awesome trip.  looking forward to the rest of it :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Our "rainbow baby"

 Today I am thankful for prayer, Gods healing hand and Gods faithfulness! Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. 

I have had 2 miscarriages, and after the last one, we prayed that God would bless us with another child. HE DID!!! at my first ultrasound (6 weeks) the Dr saw a hematoma in with baby. (basically a blood clot) he had me scheduled for every other week ultrasounds to monitor the growth both of baby and the Hematoma. a lot of prayer has gone up for this pregnancy, and today I had my Fourth ultrasound... I am praising God because not only has he allowed me to carry the baby this long, but he has shrunk the Hematoma!!!! 

i am so very thankful!!! 

Thank you For all of your prayers, we are so very blessed to have so many amazing friends!!  

Today I was introduced to a term that I was not familiar with, So I will share it with you now.  

"Rainbow Baby"
A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth.

In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

The storm (pregnancy loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm-clouds might still be overhead as the family continue to cope with the loss, but something colorful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery.

God uses every single situation that we find ourselves in for good.  There will always be an upswing, you just have to have faith!  

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Change of heart!

Something has happened over the last few months of 2012...  something beautiful!  

I remember when we moved to Italy, I was heart broken that Ashlynn would not be able to be in Pre-K.  She was then 4 years old and FULL of wild energy...  I was exhausted and felt defeated as a mother on a daily basis...  In about November / December I sunk into a pretty nasty depression...  I was miserable, I didnt know how to deal with my kid, this new base we were at was just hard to get used to, the language barrier was driving me crazy, and to top it off my 4 year old just never EVER slowed down...  EVER!  I remember sometime in February coming clean to one of my friends and of course my hubby that I was so sad all the time.  sad wasnt even the word for it...  just plain miserable was more like it...  I had gained nearly 30 lbs in 7 months, and everything had begun to take its toll...  

In march of 2012 Eddie and I were blessed my a friend that offered to watch our little lady so that we could take an anniversary trip to Paris..  it was 5 days of  awesome changes God was doing in my heart...  Something clicked in my brain while we were there.  when we got home I was on a MISSION to deal with Ashlynns hyperactivity naturally.  God had begun a wonderful work in my heart and I was determined to see it through.  from that moment on for over 2 weeks I poured over every document I could find about links between dye and hyperactivity...  Eddie and I decided to change our families diet in order to help our daughter.  we did just that.  I went back to the states and got Ashlynn who had been spending a few weeks with her grandparents in Texas.  (we have lived overseas her entire life so this was something she looked forward to!) when we got home Eddie went TDY for 1 month.  that gave me time to purge the house of EVERYTHING that contained dye...  I am not kidding when I say over half our pantry was gone!  for the first time ever I cooked every meal we ate from scratch.  it was not something I was accustomed to, so it was a little difficult, but I did it as I had faith that this was going to help our Ashlynn.  after about a week and a half I noticed a huge change in her behavior, by the time Eddie got home, he was blown away by the changes in her as well...  who knew FOOD had such an effect on children's behavior?!?!

through the course of our year God slowly changed my heart toward my child.  I was excited for her to go to School but not desperate for her to go.  I enjoyed having her around the house.  I thought surely when Christmas break would arrive I wouldn't be able to stand it and would want her to go back to school ASAP..  but that is 100% not the case!  I completely enjoy having her home.  she is such a sweet child.  God has completely transformed me as a mommy to my little ones.  I enjoy them so much more now.   I do not take any second for granted that I have with them.  I will say through this year I spend more time praying for changes within myself than changes with in her.  I prayed that God would allow me to see her as he does.  I have never enjoyed being a mother as much as I do now!  Children are such a blessing!  and I know at times they get on our nerves, but they are growing and learning too.  cut them some slack!  after all doesnt God cut us a lot of slack?  

Blessings to all of you in 2013!  I pray that God would allow all of you to see your children the way that God sees them!