Thursday, 5 April 2012

disappearing act

Ok, I have said today that I am going to delete my Face Book account.  I am going to, but I want to clarify my reasoning behind it as it may seem abrupt and harsh...

First let me start by explaining a little something...  I have a very lively (to put it nicely) 5 year old.  we took her in to a child psych. and she has 14 of the 18 markers of ADHD.  The Doctor was reluctant to actually diagnose her 1) because that wasn't actually what we were there for. and 2) neither Eddie or myself have been diagnosed with it and its a biological disorder so unless one of us has it, she cant have it...   the problem with this is that neither of us have ever been tested...  All this to say we have a VERY hyper possibly ADHD child on our hands and at times it can be very trying...  I often find myself so upset with her and ,to be honest I know its not her fault...

early in march Eddie and I went to Paris and while we were there something clicked in my brain about food... everything around me in paris was fresh whole food....  why cant we eat more like that I thought..  well, when we got home I started researching organic and whole food, why its good and what the benefits are...  one thing that kept catching my eye were articles about ADHD.  so I started digging in...  did you know that one of the biggest triggers for ADHD kiddos is not actually sugar?  its Dye...  and dye is in EVERYTHING...  did you know that in Europe companies such as Kraft and Pepsi are required by law to put a warning label on their products if they contain dyes?  in order to get around this they simply don't use the dyes for the products sent there...  why not just change all foods world wide?  because its too expensive and no one in the US is making them...  not that Kraft foods or Pepsi is the best for you anyways, but you get my point...  so after reading and reading and reading some more, Eddie and I decided to Focus and go Organic and whole with our foods.  I only got to try this diet on my oldest daughter for a week and a half here in the states but I can say WOW!!!  what a change!  she is a different kiddo...  now back to Face Book...

For me personally, FB is a HUGE distraction.  I tent to spend hours on there.  (my blog is all about honesty!) countless hours are waisted in my house on Fb...  This is something I have personally struggled with for a few years now.  I talk myself out of deleting it so many times because of what other people say.  If I can help someone today by being vulnerable, then why not right?  but if that help is coming at a cost of my lack of attention to my family, that's not ok...  I need to find balance, and right now for ME personally my balance is letting go of FB.  I will eventually come back I am sure.  but right now my main focus is getting my little lady's food under control.  breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and dinner...  it takes a lot of planning and a lot of preparation. EVENTUALLY, I will have it down but to begin with, I need some time to focus on this task at hand.  I need to pour myself out all over my family and not be stressed out because I am doing too much.  and often FB is something that I give a lot of my attention too.

This will not only allow me to focus on our diet change, but it will allow me some much needed quiet time with my heavenly father.  This is something I have not been as diligent as I should be.

Please understand that I am going to be around, but my main focus is my precious family that God has blessed me with.  This food stuff is not something I am naturally good at, don't get me wrong I could bake all day long, but cooking, not so much...  and because I am not naturally good at it I tend to get a little tense in the kitchen which leads to stress..

Ok so now that its all out in the open, I pray that you all understand exactly where I am coming from, I just need some time.


  1. Without the ADHD in the older kiddo, you and I are much them same, Amber.
    I loved baking. Wasn't great at cooking. And totally have a tendency to swing back and forth on the pendulum of checking out of the house on the Internet or removing it all together from my relationships within the house. I am all for extreme measures when something is causing sin. Way to go.
    here is something that thelped me to not freak out as much in the kitchen while cooking. May sound small, but these two things helped a huge deal. First, read the whole recipe before I start cooking. Not as I go. But read the instructions BEFORE. This helps.
    Second, make a mis en place. This is a French way of saying a mess in its place. Chop and cut everything. Measure everything out before you even begin. It doesn't take any more time than it would, but if you do this first every time, you won't have stuff cooking or burning in the suttee pan while you are still chopping those carrots. Or whatever. These two things have helped to alleviate a ot of the stress from cooking with loud girls whole just want to help me in the kitchen. Nw they can help with little things and I don't freak out and shout. At them. :) I still shout at the stupid tortillas when they won't roll out. Lol

    1. heather, may I get your e mail so I can keep in touch with you?

  2. You are making the right choice. Praying for you. Read labels, read labels, read labels. Taking out all that junk from your diets will really help all of you. You'll be amazed. And it does get easier to cook this way, just a bit overwhelming at first. Don't be afraid to experiment - there will be flops, but there is such a wealth of help on the internet in terms of recipes. Anne

  3. Good luck with everything! I hope our paths will cross one day on our AF journeys. ;)
    God Bless

  4. I will miss seeing you on facebook since your so far away. But I will message you my email and number to stay in contact.