Tuesday, 17 April 2012

our food adventure

We have been home nearly 1 week now and I am super excited to say that Ash has already started to simmer a bit!  I got an e mail a few weeks ago about this once a month cooking stuff...  so I tried it out here is a link if you would like to see it.  http://onceamonthmom.com/  (i did the April whole foods menu)
The results for my home was 20 dinners (with leftovers that will be used for lunch) and 6 Breakfasts frozen and ready for use!  here is a look at my freezer.

and the best part of all is that about 90-100% of each meal is ALL ORGANIC!  this is going to make meal time so much easier for me!  I am really looking forward to it!  I had Ash try bites (of fully cooked food) as I was cooking and she LOVED it all...

Throughout this week, I have been so taken back by the out pouring of support.  I am thankful for the articles that people send me and the meal plan suggestions, and everything really!  THANK YOU all for your support.  I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful children and an amazing husband, and all the wonderful friends God has placed in my life. God has placed some amazing people on my path, and I am am just very thankful for that.

Well, I have a very eager 5 year old who is wanted to help clean the mess I have made in the kitchen!  better take advantage of that while I can!  enjoy your day and check out that awesome website.


  1. Hey amber, that is great! I'm glad to hear your doing well. I think I'm going to try this next time I go to the store. I have 3 very hyper kids. And if this has helped ash, hopefully it will help mine to. Good luck with everything. I can't believe you have been back almost a week. How is your ankle?

    Alicia m.

  2. I checked this site out, I'm loving the idea of having freezer meals ready, that are made from whole foods. I'm not ready to take the plung like you and go totally "real" foods, I'm not that convicted yet! :) But like I told Regina today (on facebook) I do want to make some changes for the whole family.
    Anyways, questions, 1.) the meals that you just put in the foil baking dishes and wrap with foil, do they get freezer burn? 2.) Are their any eco friendly/reusable options to freeze, thaw, and put in the oven with the same dish? 3.) About how long did it take you to prep all these meals, so I can plan my time.
    Thanks so much for sharing lady! I'm blogging again too, mostly catching up with the last year of Guam right now, but then onto our European adventures. www.goteamlewis.wordpress.com