Tuesday, 5 April 2011

God.... you ROCK my socks off!

So, a while back, I had to get some dental work done...  its got VERY pricey!  so when I had to go see a different dentist because mine was off island and I had a tooth emergency I was not happy when I had to pay ANOTHER $100 for a useless X-Ray!   one thing I have learned about myself in the last year is that I have a hard time praying when I am Angry...  SO in this situation I called a dear friend and she prayed with me and in that prayer we prayed that any further work would be discounted or free....  (YES my teeth are JACKED UP!) anyways, after going back and forth to my dentist a few times trying different things to resolve the issue and none of them working, it turned into needing a root canal... Earlier in the day I was praying about this appt and not knowing how to approach the issue of money with this dentist (who I am sure doesn't care a thing about my finances or the fact that we are about to make a BIG move.)  anyways, when I was praying, God told me to just lay it out on the table.  now in my mind, that means being vulnerable and bold, 2 things I am NOT good at being...  so when push came to shove and he delivered the blow of me needing to get a root canal, I just said it "I really cant afford more work!"  (after all this wouldn't be an issue 'right now' if the tooth was just left alone in the first place) I tried bargaining, "is there anyway since I have already paid for the crown to be put on that we can just trade that for this??"  he giggled and said "no.  I cant let you walk around with a temporary crown for an extended amount of time"  then he looked at me and said "OK here is what I am going to do...  I am doing the root canal today because you are in pain and it needs to be done, you pay me what you can pay me."  In that moment God had answered our prayer!  I was so excited...  for 1) I was going to be out of pain, for 2) I wasn't going to have to break the bank, and for 3) GOD heard our little prayer and ANSWERED IT!  so as this is titled....  God... you ROCK my socks off!  Thank you fro your many blessings!

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  1. What an amazing testimony of God's greatness and the power of prayer!