Wednesday, 20 April 2011


So, Why is prayer so important?  and I am not talking about a simple night time prayer (there is NOTHING wrong with these prayers!) I am talking about the prayer throughout the day kind of prayer...  I find that the more I pray about the day ahead the smoother that day flows.  If I pray about EVERYTHING throughout my day things just flow.  Today for example, I did NOT pray last night for focus and help with my frustration and anger for today, and I noticed that today I was a bit on edge...  probably had something to do with the fact that I was up with B MOST of the night but, still THAT IS NO EXCUSE!  anyways after I met with a friend this morning I said a prayer and wow did my mood change!   I simply let go of my "ugly" and let God in!  and throughout our running around this afternoon with Daddy and the out processing I prayed to myself before we walked into each place, and the TB check was AWESOME the guy had a wonderful attitude (not usually the case!)  then to the dreaded post office (again a little prayer to myself)  and E was in and out in less than 2 minutes!  and that NEVER happens!  then putting B down for a nap...  no fight just straight to sleep!  after the night she had I was expecting world war 3!  God just helps everything flow.  I could have gotten irritated at the clinic because B was fussy, and A was all over the place, but God helped me stay relaxed.  and FYI I have found that when I stay relaxed A listens SOOO much better!  and I could have gotten mad at the post office because there were NO parking spots but na God again helped me stay calm.  I know that Day has a lot more in store for me but I also know that if I am in constant prayer God will help me with all that I need!  As I have said before God seriously rocks my socks off! 

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