Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This Just in!!

God answers prayers!  I have prayed (as has the prayer group here) for my brother who is currently deployed with his Marine unit.  I have personally prayed for his salvation and for his safety.  I just talked with my mom who just talked to him ( I know he said she said!) and apparently God has placed him in a position of leadership and he is in an office type environment...  He may not LOVE that but I do because it means that God heard little old me and has been protecting my baby brother!   Apparently he has been wanting to talk to me about "church stuff" which makes me amped because I KNOW this means he either has received salvation OR is on his way!  WOO HOO!!  more and more people added each day to Gods wonderful kingdom!  I am just so thankful that God hears and cares about the smallest things!  another prayer I have been praying on is what church to attend while we are visiting Eddies family (mid move) and my family (mid move) both in different parts of Texas.  He has opened that door WIDE open with a friend from one town who attends a church and has invited us!  CANT WAIT to go!  God is working overtime even when I have my fleshly moments its hard to stay in those places for long!  God has sent me a wonderful friend here we will call her "Lady A"  she is FANTASTIC!  anytime I am being bull headed this woman of God holds NO PUNCHES BACK!!  and God already knew that is exactly what kind of friend I needed!  I am telling you This afternoon after talking to her I felt like I have a spiritual body slam!  in a good way!  God opened my eyes to a situation that I was seeing ONE WAY and he was trying all along to make me see this other area that I NEED to be focusing on...  in an effort to keep myself transparent I will share:  I tend to, when things get rough with friends, PULL AWAY!  Its not even a conscious thing anymore I just DO IT...  and with this one friend I have been resisting the urge to pull away because I keep feeling God putting her back in my life and all the while I thought it was for me to help her (HOW VEIN) but NOPE its was her to help me (unknowingly) get over myself and get on with life!  I cant just pull away from people every-time they say something that hurts my feelings, sometimes you just need to suck it up and get over yourself!  now don't get me wrong there definitely are times that we do need to pull away like when an influence is hindering your walk with God OF COURSE don't just walk but RUN!  however in this situation God has peeled back the layers of my making and showed me what he was wanting me to see all along!  its me that needs to change NOT HER!!  Thank you lord for your subtle and NOT so subtle smack downs!  (in this case courtesy of lady A!!)  Thank you God for this amazing gift you have given me in this friend and for constantly pursuing me whether I like it or not! 

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  1. Beautifully put and so very true. What a blessing that your brother will be in a safe place! Can't wait to hear what your "church stuff" talks will be like!