Sunday, 17 April 2011


So, in the last few days I have really begun to feel the affects of this move.  As I have previously mentioned in my blog, a big stronghold in my life is Anger.  well, it seems that Stress has become Angers best friend!  and for me this equals DISASTER!!  Between, Appts for the girls, appts for me (that I have to find sitters for during this time= BIG STRESSER because I HATE asking for help!) Out Processing Appts for Eddie (that automatically TRUMP ANYTHING I have going on that day EVEN my appts) and purging the house...  its been a serious mess!  Eddie and I have both been on edge which makes one remark turn into world war 3...  I have found in the last few days that when stress and Anger get together there is just the tiniest sliver of hope that I will pray my way out of it...  I KNOW what I need to do, and yet once my blood begins to boil its like an instant inferno!  talk about 0-900 in 1 second flat...  well, if you are reading this please kindly keep me and my family in your prayers as the stress of moving is ONLY going to get worse as the days count down.  I know God has brought me a VERY long way from where I started, however, I know I have a VERY LONG way to go!  its so hard to just LET GO and know that getting Angry is really only going to make matters worse.  so, Today I am going to try my best to do just that.  I am right now stepping off the throne of my life and giving it back to God.  I cant possibly control all that is coming my way anyways.  God really does have everything under control, its my job to allow him the room to work! 


  1. I was on my "soap box" last night with the hubby and while if felt good while I was spewing red hot lava everywhere...I felt awful after I stepped down and realized all the things I had said. ANGER produces NOTHING! It only makes you and everyone around you MISERABLE and I was completely miserable after that. :(

  2. awesome...I enjoyed reading your blogs..Prayer is most important!

  3. Lots of prayers for you over the next few weeks as your packing up to move. We will miss you!!